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Washable corrosion pump

Profile for lab diaphragm vacuum pump with the characteristics of low noise,highchemically-resistant and cost performance;

Model AZ diaphragm vacuum pump is high-end products.

Compared with other similar products,

It has the outstanding advantage;

---- PTFE materials are used as pump’s chamber ,which can stand the damage caused by chemical corrosinon and organic solvent;
---- Micro quiver and low noise;
---- Flow adjustable;
---- 24 hours’full load operation and starting up with loading;
---- High efficiency and long time of working reliability;
---- Oil-free transfer and maintenance-free,and over heat protection;
---- Pump chamber can be washed directiy by water without dismantling it;

Company Profile

Located in Tianjin Wuqing Development Area,TianJin Hansin Experimental Equipment Co.,Ltd.has always been strengthening its business professionally on finding solutions for laboratory system designing.Inaddition to that,our company also focuses on the researching,developing,producing,integrating,selling and aftersales consulting for such products as lab apparatus,equipment and all kinds of supplies etc.

Since the establishment of our company,we have,in the spirit of honest,cooperation,dedication and creation,realized the objectives for diversification development by enriching our products structure,espending industry chain and increasing product quality.

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